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Apples are one of Nature's most delicious fruit.  Crisp and juicy, tart and sweet, all are great to bake or eat!


Henggeler Packing currently grows, packs, and ships 8 varieties of a apples.  Each apple is hand picked from local orchards, cleaned, and sorted.  We take pride in the quality of fruit that we can produce for the community and our clients around the world.


Fuji apples were developed by growers in Japan, in the late 1930s.  It is a cross between the Red Delicous and the Virginia Ralls Genet.  Fuju apples are sweet, juicky, and crisp, making them a great snacking apple.  Having a long shelf life, Fujis are becoming popular in the U.S.  They are available from October through March.

Red Rome

Romes have a mild flavor with a slight tartness.  A firm fruit, they are used mostly for baking and cooking because they hold their shape well.  They have a glossy, red, and thick skin with a white flesh.  They are available from late September through December.

Honey Crisp

This hybrid was developed by the University of Minnesota and is a cros between a Macoun and Honeygold.  Honey Crisp has become a prized commodity, as its tartand sweet taste paired with its firmness makes it ideal for eating.  Though supplies are limited they are available from September through December.


Galas originated from New Zealand and were brought to the U.S. in the early 1970s.  Ranked #2 in 2006 by the U.S. Apple Association for most popular apple.  They have a thinner outer skin and a mild, sweet flavor.  A great eating apple, they are available from late August through February.


Discovered in Woodstock, NY in the 1920s, the Jonathan apple is a medium-sized and sweet apple, with a tough, but smooth skin.  A strong red blush, these apples are known for their use in pies and applesauce.  Jonathans also blend well with other varieties making juice and cider tasty.  They are available from mid-September through November.

Granny Smith

The Granny Smith apple first originated in Australia in 1865, descended from a French crab-apple.  They are commonly used in pies and known for their tart flavor.  A green skin, this multipurpose apple is great for baking and eating.  Thye are available from October through February.

Red Delicious

Red Delicious apples were originally grown in Madison County, Iowa.  It is the most widely recognized apple in the U.S. toting a heart shape and a bright red (sometimes striped) skin.  It is a juicy, aromatic, and sweet apple and are mostly eaten fresh.  They are available from late September through March.

Golden Delicious

This all-purpose apple was first discovered in West Virginia in the 1890s.  The Golden Delicious has a crisp yellow flesh, with a "golden" skin.  These apples are sweet, yet tangy, making them great for baking, eating, and sauce making.  They are available from September through December.

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