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Peaches are sweet, delicious, and down right juicy.  Great for snacking, baking, and canning.


Henggeler Packing currently grows and packs 8 varieties of peaches and can range in size from baseball to a small cantalope.  Most of our peaches are freestone, and have a delectable flavor.  Peaches are commercially sold, but you can find some of our peaches at local fruit stands in the Treasure Valley.

Red Globe

Red Globe peaches are a freestone peach, with a rich crimson blush and golden hue.  They are a larger peach, round, with a yellow flesh.  These peaches are juicy, sweet, with a hint of tartness.  They are available throughout the month of August.


O'Henry peaches are a popular fresh market peach.  These yellow flesh freestones are medium to large size, firm, with an orange-red skin.  They are good for freezing and baking, but all around good peach for eating.  They are available throughout September.

John Henry

John Henry peaches are little like O'henry peaches in their sweet and juicy flavor.  They are larger in size, a freestone, and have a slight tang.  They are available in late summer to early fall.


Elberta peaches are a large sized peach with a good shape, and sweet flavor.  They are best used for canning.  They have a gold skin with a little red blush, good firmness, and are considered heavy producers.  They are available in late summer.


Hales are a medium sized peach with a light, almost white skin.  They have a mild, but sweet flavor and are best used for canning.  Although they are limited in quantity, they are available in mid to late summer.  

Red Haven

Similar to a Red Globe, the Red Haven is a red peach, juicy, and are a freestone peach.  They were introduced in Michigan in the 1940s and have made their way to the Treasure Valley.  They are known for their long shelf life and work well in canning and cooking.  They are available in late summer to early fall.

Zee Lady

These delicious peaches are sweet, a bit firm, and have a yellow flesh.  Zee ladies are a larger peach and are great for eating and baking.  They hold their shape well and have a juicy taste.  Available through mid September.

Summer Lady

Summy Lady peaches are a large sized peach and similar to an O'Henry peach.  They have a bright reddish skin and have a good firmness.  They have a great sweet and slightly tangy flavor and are considered good producers.  They are available in late summer to early fall.

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